Tanning Tips

Professional Tanning Tips: For a Flawless Tan 

  • Exfoliate whole body with a body scrub or use a net sponge to remove dead skin cells.
  • Dry well before applying a tanning product. No deodorant, perfume or lotions on body. Just clean, exfoliated, dry skin is best.
  • Apply some lotion only to dry areas of the body. Feet, hands, elbows and knees. Pay close attention to heels, palms, cuticles and any dry patches you make have.
  • Shake bottle of mousse well and Apply a quarter size amount of mousse to your Tanning mitt. Working in circular movement. Instant bronzers work as a guide to see where you are applying the product.
  • Start with legs first, workings your way up the body as you are tanning. Save face, hands, and feet until last.
  • Use what’s left on the mitt for face, hands, and feet. Only apply a small amount more if needed for face, hands and feet. This will keep face, hands and feet looking more natural.
  • Now you can use a wet wipe, face wipe or damp towel to clean up palms, heels, toes and fingers as needed.
  • Baby powder can also be used now instead of deodorant. It will not change the color at all, just makes you feel better. Use only if needed.
  • Leave self-tanning formula on for 8-10 hours for maximum dark results. Can shower in 4 hours for a lighter tan.
  • After tan has had time to develop, take a quick Lukewarm shower, rinsing off all the cosmetic bronzer. Bar soap can strip the skin of moisture, so it’s best to use a shower gel.
  • Gently towel dry and apply a good amount of lotion to skin. Lotion is good to use every day; it helps lock in the tan so it will last even longer.
  • Now get out there and show that gorgeous tan off! Make them think you’ve been to the beach!