Quick Facts

Beautiful, Natural Color Guaranteed!

Made with the Finest Ingredients with dual action properties to ensure the most natural looking tan color.

Professional Strength

Our mousse contains the highest level of active ingredients. This sets us apart from any other; with our Exclusive Dark Bronzing Formula you will achieve a dark, rich, beautiful tan color.

Bronzed Color Guide

Want instant color? Sugar Sand Tanning Mousse has a built-in bronzing color guide to ensure an even tan and give you instant gratification. This bronzer is not easily transferred onto clothing. Just apply your tan, dress, and go! No worrying about looking way too crazy dark in public or afraid to wear certain clothing. Easiest tan ever—tan and go, for the perfect date night tan!

Finest Ingredients

Feel the difference! You’re going to LOVE how your skin feels! This is all because of our special ingredients. We have researched and found the purest and finest ingredients that can be used in a tan product. With our enriched vitamins and minerals, you’re not only beautifully tanned, but also left with soft, silky skin. Our formula has ingredients that help hydrate your skin in order to maintain a long-lasting tan. Lastly, there’s NO tan smell! A special ingredient was used to guarantee NO tan smell. This allows you to enjoy your soaps and perfumes over you tan without changing the way they should smell.