True of False?

My face will break out if I use a Sunless Tanner on my face!
FALSE - Sugar Sand Tan will not break you out, it’s perfect for sensitive skin! Because it’s made with clean, organic raw ingredients!

I will lose 10 pounds after I apply Sunless Tanner!
FALSE- LOL…You will look like you lost 10 pounds, but you really didn’t! Definitely makes you look and feel more toned and confident!

I can’t use Sunless Tanner when I’m pregnant!
✓ FALSE- You can safely use Sugar Sand Tan, because of our pure ingredients. However, Always check with your Physician before using a Sunless Tanner.

When I go swimming in the pool or ocean, my Tan will wash completely off!
✓ FALSE- Not with Sugar Sand Tan! Your tan will fade by soaking in water but will not wash off completely. Our Tan really sticks! I have clients tell me all the time; they were the only ones left with their Sunless Tan when they left the beach!

Sugar Sand Tan is made with Eco-Certified DHA!
✓ TRUE- Sugar Sand Tan is made with Raw Ingredients and our DHA is derived from Sugar Cane and Beets! This makes us a Clean, Safe Tanning Product!

I can’t take a Shower or Bath when I use a Sunless Tanner, or it all comes off!
✓ FALSE- Please take a shower or bath! It is recommended to take a quick lukewarm shower after tanning, this helps the tan last even longer! You will not wash all of Sugar Sand Tan off in one shower. Your tan will fade a little with every shower, but not all come off at once.

I can sleep in WHITE SHEETS after I apply my Sugar Sand Tan!
✓ TRUE- That’s one of our favorite things! This tan will not transfer to white sheets! Yay! The only way any transfer would happen would be if you have extreme night sweats!

All Sunless Tanners smell terrible before and after tanning!
✓ FALSE- Not all Sunless Tanners are created equal! Sugar Sand Tan does not smell before or after tanning! Your perfumes and lotions will smell like they should while using Sugar Sand Tan!

I NEVER feel sticky or gross when I use Sugar Sand Tan!
✓ TRUE- Sugar Sand Tan is made to dry instantly and not ever feel sticky! We made it that way!

Sugar Sand Tan is a growing company and is working hard to become the #1 Sunless Tanning Company in the World!
✓ TRUE- We will not stop until World Domination…LOL!