Shhh…All the Secrets…

After working in the Movie Industry, I gained lots of experience and secrets to achieving the BEST Sunless Tan!

Inquiring minds want to know…lol!

So, for all you Babes out there who want to look like you just stepped off the Red Carpet, this is for you!

These Secrets really will give you the most amazing, glowing skin & beautiful Tan!

💖 My Mama told me… and she was right! Stay out of the Sun…unless you have on Sunscreen. Recommended SPF is 30-50! This will keep you looking young over time!
💖 Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! Inside and out! Drink lots of water, at least 8 cups a day. This really does change your skin!
💖 Next is coconut oil, it is amazing for your skin! Yes, find some organic coconut oil from the grocery store! Hollywood Stars soak their skin and hair overnight in coconut oil, for luscious skin and hair. If you choose to do this, lay a cover over your sheets while you marinate in coconut oil all night! Do this about once a month and WOW, your skin will look amazing!
💖 Deep Exfoliation is a MUST before Sunless Tanning! Our “Beach Babe Exfoliating Glove” will give you the BEST exfoliation! Trust me, I tried them all! Watch as your dead, dry skin literally peels off your body with this glove. It’s a great pre/post tanning tool. Use before every tan, & remove all the dead skin, this will make your tan last even longer. Our Tanning Mousse will also glide on so smoothly over fresh exfoliated skin during your application process.
💖 Now, go get your nails done! Always do your nails and toes before tanning. You don’t want to soak in a pedicure tub and have them scrub your legs, after tanning. It might leave a line on your legs, where you soaked in the pedicure tub!
💖 Hands and Feet are the driest parts of the body. They need extra help to keep them looking normal when Tanning! Always apply moisturizer to hands and feet before applying your Tanning Mousse. If you have Eczema, Psoriasis for just a dry spot, moisturize these areas before tanning too! Moisturizer will keep these special spots and hands/feet from tanning too dark. A dead give-away that your Tan is fake, is dirty looking hands and feet. Let’s keep people guessing if this tan is real or not!
💖 Make sure you are completely dry after bath or shower, before applying our Sunless Tanning Mousse! Water and Sunless Tanner do not go well together, when applying. Do not put on deodorant or perfumes before tanning, wait until after tanning.
💖 Tanning your face: Mix your face moisturizer with a tiny bit of our Sunless Tanner and apply to your face! It’s like tinting your moisturizer. Always gives you the perfect amount for the face. If you’re a pro, you can contour your face with a makeup brush. Why stop there, go ahead and paint on some abs, shade the sides of your thighs, and shade the sides of your arms! This shading can make legs and arms appear slimmer.
💖 After you have applied our Sunless Tanning Mousse…it’s time to clean up nails, cuticles, knuckles, palms, and heels. I take a damp bath cloth or wet wipe and wipe these areas down to make sure they are not too dark. Works like a charm!
💖 After you have applied our Sunless Tanning Mousse…You can also use a little Baby Powder. Use a large makeup brush and dust the creases, but only if you feel like you’re not quite dry! Our Sugar Sand Tan Professional Tanning Kit will dry almost instantly. The only time you may want a little powder is when you apply a very heavy, thick coat for that extra dark tan!
💖 Wait 8 hrs. to shower, for the darkest tan. Wait 4-6 hrs. to shower for a lighter tan. My favorite way if the 8 hrs....I like it best at the darkest level!
💖 After your shower, moisturize! Moisturize every day, it will make the tan last longer.
💖 Want that little shine on your legs, collar bones, and cleavage? Add a little simmer powder or highlighter! It does the trick every time!
💖 Now hold your shoulders back and walk with confidence! Think positive thoughts and attract everything you want in life!

This TAN is only the icing on the cupcake, because you are AMAZING & BEAUTIFUL!